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  • Jane Roe Vs. Everybody

    Jane Roe Vs. Everybody

    Gender equality and women’s rights are not just women’s issues, they are human rights issues. Women fight for their rights every day everywhere, but to achieve an equal world for all, men should question the power dynamics in their actions and words and take responsibility for change. The recent Supreme Court rulings bring challenges for […]

  • Welcome to The Chelsea Tribe

    Welcome to The Chelsea Tribe

    Here we are… 2016, and the launch of the art blog, TheChelseaTribe.com, the rapid-fire, manifestation of Bobby Carlton and Shane Hirschman, following decades of being immersed in creative, visionary circles throughout the world, but specifically L.A. and N.Y.C. The Chelsea Tribe seeks to present various counter-culture ideas and expose some up-and-coming artists, while also sharing wisdom […]