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  • The Chelsea Tribe – 2019 Playlist

    The Chelsea Tribe – 2019 Playlist

    Ranking songs each year is a subjective, arduous task that, in our case, is best summarized as a simple playlist. So, in lieu of some arbitrary review of songs that’ll just get lost in the year-end shuffle, I’ve put together a condensed list of songs released in 2019 that’ll hopefully be on repeat into 2020 […]

  • The Black Angels – “Currency”

    The Black Angels – “Currency”

    The official music video for The Black Angel’s single, “Currency”, has just been released. The video was directed by Bob Mustachio, who often handles the visuals and oil projections for the band’s live concerts. Be sure to also give their latest album, Death Song, a full listen.

  • Night Beats – “Power Child”

    Night Beats – “Power Child”

    One of their most powerful tracks off their third album, Who Sold My Generation, Night Beats just released a music video for “Power Child”. The energetic track is co-produced by Robert Levon Been (B.R.M.C.) and the video is directed by Riley Blakeway & Jeremy Asher Lynch. Check it out and catch them live.