Author: Shane

  • Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – “Little Thing Gone Wild”

    Pretty killer track and video. The leading single from their upcoming album, Wrong Creatures.

  • The Chelsea Tribe’s Top 20 Songs of 2017

    The Chelsea Tribe’s Top 20 Songs of 2017

    Like many music and arts blog tends to do, we’ve put together an end-of-year list, featuring a selection of top 20 songs. It’s a diverse variety of artists, ones that you probably won’t find on the Coachella 2018 line-up.

  • Ron English – TOYBOX: America in the Visuals – Preview

    Ron English – TOYBOX: America in the Visuals – Preview

    In anticipation of his upcoming solo exhibition, Ron English has provided a few images from what is sure to be a politically-engaging, detailed showcase by one of the originators of what we now call “street art”. Expect to see some of Ron’s most colorful, pop-surrealism in this massive event, featuring 36 new oil paintings, as […]

  • D*FACE – Exclusive Interview

    D*FACE – Exclusive Interview

    In conjunction with his “Happy Never Ending” exhibition at the Corey Helford Gallery in Downtown Los Angeles, The Chelsea Tribe’s Victoria Keon-Cohen chats with one of the U.K.’s most infamous street artists, D*Face, regarding his only U.S. solo show for 2017. With his unique aesthetic of pop art (i.e. Roy Lichtenstein, while drawing from themes […]

  • Desert Daze 2017 – Announcement

    Desert Daze 2017 – Announcement

    Desert Daze has added even more bands and artists for their already stacked line-up for 2017. Iggy Pop is now headlining, but it is interesting to note that John Cale is also playing the festival. Crossing fingers that Iggy and John Cale will reconnect out in Joshua Tree and relive the glory of “1969”. Full […]

  • The Black Angels – “Currency”

    The Black Angels – “Currency”

    The official music video for The Black Angel’s single, “Currency”, has just been released. The video was directed by Bob Mustachio, who often handles the visuals and oil projections for the band’s live concerts. Be sure to also give their latest album, Death Song, a full listen.

  • SHOT! The Psycho-Spiritual Mantra Of Rock – Official Trailer

    SHOT! The Psycho-Spiritual Mantra Of Rock – Official Trailer

    Iconic photographer, Mick Rock, is the subject of a new rock n’ roll documentary coming out, SHOT! The Psycho-Spiritual Mantra Of Rock. The film is likely to feature the stories behind some renown photo shoots with David Bowie, Lou Reed, Queen, Iggy Pop, and countless others. Check it out.

  • The Chelsea Tribe’s Top 20 Songs of 2016

    The Chelsea Tribe’s Top 20 Songs of 2016

    Bobby and I both agreed that Bowie unquestionably had best output of 2016, but having memorialized his unfortunate death earlier this year and giving “Lazarus” top honors for the best song of 2015. This year’s playlist has been curated to a different theme, mixing significant emerging talent with surprising comebacks from established rock / pop veterans. One pleasant common thread for […]

  • Danny Fields – Exclusive Interview

    Danny Fields – Exclusive Interview

    When seeking out 1960s-era Stooges, scouting for artistic talent requires a super-human senses, especially amongst a sterile, yet expansive musical climate. The task is even more commendable if one isn’t intimidated by Iggy Pop’s raucous, extreme stage performances. More than just being in the right place at the right time, Danny Fields’ tastes were not only shaped […]

  • Danny Says – Trailer

    Danny Says – Trailer

    In preparation for our upcoming interview with music business visionary, Danny Fields, we checked out the recent documentary, Danny Says, which chronicles Danny’s career in working with some of the most quintessential music groups in the history of rock and roll. Directed by Brendan Toller, the film recounts some memorable stories behind such groups as The Velvet Underground, […]