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MEAR ONE – Exclusive Feature

The Chelsea Tribe recently chatted with MEAR ONE (Kalen Ockerman), a major West Coast graffiti pioneer, as he spent a week creating his jokingly titled, “Supernova Cosmic Recording Machine”, a large-scale, two-sided mural canvassing a fully functional RV recording studio for Jam in the Van.

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Lucha VaVoom “Crazy in Love” – Photos

Without a doubt, one of the most bizarre activities to do in Los Angeles is to attend a Lucha VaVoom event. For those unfamiliar, Lucha VaVoom is an absurd Mexican wrestling event, exploding with acrobats, off-beat comedy, unbelievable burlesque performers, and ramblings from eccentric hosts. A “feast for the eyes” is an understatement, as you witness strange spectacles one might only see in a Fellini or Terry Gilliam film. We got a lucky chance to check out the Lucha VaVoom madness on their 2016 Valentine’s Day extravaganza, “Crazy in Love”.

Created by the stylish, fashionista, Rita D’Albert, Lucha Va Voom has been at the epicenter of Downtown Los Angeles for years, calling the Mayan Theater its “home”, which is a suitably trip surrounding. The Mayan Theater, with its classic, ornate details, is the perfect backdrop for wrestlers doing shocking acts, while also leaping, haphazardly through the air.

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Lolipop Your Heart Out – Live Photos

Within the local Los Angeles music scene, independent label, Lolipop Records has an ever-expanding roster, which has provided authentic ammo to the newest, large music venues. The Teragram Ballroom, a venue launched only about a year ago, recently played host to a lively line-up of bands for the Lolipop Records showcase, Lolipop Your Heart Out, featuring headliners, Mystic Braves, as well as Corners, Part Time, Peach Kelli Pop, Psychomagic, Billy Changer, The Creation Factory, Samiras Infinite Summer, and Beach Bums. Once settled into the show, we caught up with the bands, Corners and Mystic Braves, for some exclusive photos. The show was a celebration of the close camaraderie between the labelmates, just as Corners singer, Tracy Bryant, begins his solo European tour with a backing band consisting of members of Froth.

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Primal Scream (feat. Sky Ferreira) – “Where The Light Gets In”

Primal Scream have released the first single and music video for their upcoming album, Chaosmosis. The dance-oriented pop track, “Where The Light Gets In”, features model and singer, Sky Ferreira, sharing vocal duties with frontman, Bobby Gillespie. The video, directed by Douglas Hart, original Bassist of The Jesus and Mary Chain, is a bit of throw-back to The Velvet Undergrounds collaborations with Warhol (Exploding Plastic Inevitable), but is presented with a high-fashion aesthetic, perhaps appealing to a bit of wider audience than Primal Scream’s previous album, More Light, which found the band returning to their psychedelic roots.

“Where The Light Gets In” is a strong showing from the band, who recently dealt with the tragic passing of one of their founding guitarists, Robert “Throb” Young”, a couple years ago, just around the same time that their bassist, Mani, decided to re-join The Stone Roses. With whatever personnel changes occurring in Primal Scream’s horizon, it’s a welcome shift to see the band continually changing ensembles and instrumentation, keeping themselves ahead of whatever genre they continually shape and dominate.


Top 10 David Bowie Tracks from Various Contributors

Continuing a week of reflection for the iconic, David Bowie, The Chelsea Tribe reached out to our network of renown artists, from various different mediums / styles, to find out their personal top 10 Bowie songs. It’s worth noting, many of our contributors below have had close, direct working relationships with Bowie himself, and / or they’ve been deeply influenced within their own artistic endeavors by Bowie’s timeless catalog of tunes / film appearances.

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Martyn LeNoble’s Top 20 David Bowie Songs

In remembrance of David Bowie, The Chelsea Tribe reached out to many of our close friends to ask for their personal favorite top 10 Bowie songs. Kicking off this editorial series, we are fortunate to have a special, in-depth guest contribution from, Martyn LeNoble (Bassist of Soulsavers, Porno for Pyros, and Thelonious Monster) listing some of his favorite Bowie tracks. Being that the subject at hand is undeniably a rock God, it proved difficult to confine Bowie’s body of work to only 10 songs, but here is Martyn’s digestible 20, with numerous interesting side-notes:

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The Chelsea Tribe’s Top 15 Songs of 2015

2015, a dynamically strong year in music, full of resonating sounds from decade-spanning legends and fresh talent alike. Just as we emerge into the new year, we see the rock n’ roll era shift and become forever altered.

While authoring this year-end list, it started to feel slightly foreshadowed and curated. Just as this post was about to be published, with Bowie appropriately topping the list of songs from 2015, news broke of his unfortunate passing, succumbing to an 18 month battle with cancer, which he kept under the wraps as he finished his “swan-song” album, Blackstar. This shattering news was beyond devastating, catching rock purists off guard, just as we were all attempting to process Lemmy’s death, which occurred only a week or so prior. Both David Bowie and Lemmy Kilmister were close in age, both recently celebrating their birthdays, 69 and 70 respectively. There’s many morbid coincidences, but most importantly, both artists set the archetype for blurring musical genres and becoming massively prolific in their discographies, at an exceedingly high standard. You’ve probably already read a dozen or more year-end lists on other sites, so we’re not reinventing the content-wheel here, nor attempting to write obituaries, but as The Chelsea Tribe’s inaugural post, here is a select list of memorable songs that spurred many repeated listens over the year. Also, check out our friends at Antiquiet for some of their staff picks, which share some of these same artists.

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Welcome to The Chelsea Tribe

Here we are… 2016, and the launch of the art blog,, the rapid-fire, manifestation of Bobby Carlton and Shane Hirschman, following decades of being immersed in creative, visionary circles throughout the world, but specifically L.A. and N.Y.C.

The Chelsea Tribe seeks to present various counter-culture ideas and expose some up-and-coming artists, while also sharing wisdom from some of the more pioneering icons from music, street art, fine art, fashion, technology, politics, and generally everything that should be on your radar, but maybe isn’t.

With a lifetime of unbelievable stories and triumphant moments in working with some of the most legendary musicians & artists, The Chelsea Tribe plans to have exclusive interviews, meaningful partnerships, and unique merchandise, all on display in one digital destination.

Our social media pages are already in place, so feel to click on the various links throughout the site to stalk us on Twitter, Facebook, Ello, etc.

On a final note, before we start posting the meat of the site, feel free to contact us here, with any suggestions or inquiries.